Employee satisfaction is our
preferred currency

employee satisfaction: noun [u]
The happiness that workers feel when they are satisfied with their job and work conditions, used as one way of measuring a company’s success.

Show your People you care

We work with companies to create workplaces that are more satisfying for your employees. It may sound vague, but that is because we don’t operate under a cookie cutter model. Our approach is as unique as the companies we work alongside.

Each company culture is different, so we partner with you to provide a unique set of offerings that your teams will value and utilize. In the world of employee satisfaction, no two employees are the same. We work with your teams to find the ideal formula where everyone feels appreciated and valued.



Let’s start budgeting, planning, and measuring for employee satisfaction. After all, your people are your greatest assets, and we want you to be the champion of your people.

We partner with you to build a calendar of offerings that will highlight your employees in a proactive and engaging way. Planning out these offerings allows you to budget accurately and allows you to prioritize your employee’s satisfaction.

By surveying your people in regular intervals, we are able to measure what works and offer constant feedback to make sure you are always spending your money where it counts.

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Some Ideas Of What We Can Do

Our offerings are unique to your team's needs. But here are some things we've done in the past.

Coffee Tasting

Let your employees choose their break room coffee by doing a taste test of all of their options.

Strengthsfinder Implementation

Use Strengthsfinder to asses your employee's strengths and focus on how to work inside those strengths.

Bar Cart

Set up an office bar cart that is restocked weekly. Want do you want on your cart?

Volunteer work

Build teams and make an impact on your community by having employee volunteer days.

Wellness Week

Everyone loves feeling great at work. Bring in great food, yoga, and massage to the office.

Off-Site Happy Hour

Book a private happy hour for your employees outsideof the office.

Birthday Bash

Birthdays are a big deal! Your people deserve more than a generic store bought sheet cake and old party hats.


People love food, especially when it’s high quality, unique, bespoke, and provides a new food experience.

It may seem unnecessary, but the numbers don't lie.

51% of currently employed adults in the U.S. say they are searching for new jobs or watching for new job opportunities.(Gallup Pole 2018)
How do we lower this rate and help your people become more satisfied with their work?
A satisfied employee works harder; brings in better talent for you, increases revenue growth, and contributes to a better company culture.
Why wouldn’t you want that?

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Shoot us an email or give us a call. We'd love to hear what you've got going on and how we might ba able to partner with you to make your office the best place to work.