Budget. Schedule. Analyze. Repeat. It's that simple

We simplify the process for improving your employee’s satisfaction.
This is done all while giving you measurable results and creating quarterly budgets to make sure your efforts are no longer reactionary.


Most companies are reactionary when offering employees perks and office benefits. If we asked you how much you spent of “Employee Satisfaction” last quarter, could you answer accurately? Most companies see it as a necessary expense but one no one really thinks about.

By creating a budget, we take a once reactionary expense no one could justify, to a measurable, and justifiable expense you can see the results of. These results are measured throughout the year and aid in helping your employee’s satisfaction grow.

Due to the seasonality of most offices, or budgets are revisited for each quarter and can be manipulated from month to month.



Every three months we will schedule a meeting that allows us to analyze your goals, get valuable feedback, and build the plan for the following three months. This planning period allows us to be proactive in our approach to improving you employee satisfaction.

Your schedule can be as complex or simple as you want. The more complex the easier it is to stay on budget and execute your plans to achieve your goals. During our sit down we will discuss these steps in further detail.


In order to measure success we survey your employees with specific targets in mind. This allows us to track the success of our plans and see if there is any expense that could be utilized differently. By surveying your teams twice a year, we are able to create an effective road map to employee satisfaction. This allows you to better understand the needs and wants of your employees all while putting a marketable value on your employee satisfaction.

i.e. if spending $30.00 per employee increases productivity 200% during the busy season, you can see how much extra money you have made per employee during that time period.



This cycle is repeated with targets in mind to effectively increase your employee’s satisfaction. Every three months we sit down and discuss what is working and what can be done to effectively improve the offerings you have around the office all while staying on budget.

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